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To achieve and strive for excellence in education
St. Xavier's High School

Secretary Message

development- physically and mentally.This school provides a suitable environment, necessary to mould and develop a child’s personality; as a sprout must be kept in favourable atmosphere for its growth. Another aspect is “Discipline’’. It not only helps the students to concentrate and perform well, but also succeed in every field with zeal and perseverance. I sincerely hope that the students will surely benefit with the CBSE curriculum followed here with full co-operation from all the people who are assisting this organization to be one of its best.
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St. Xavier's High School


The medium of instruction is English. As it is the Universal language, stress is laid on English both spoken and written. Subjects like- Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Odia, Computer Science and Health Education are taught to the students.

St. Xavier's High School

Admission Procedure

Documents Required:
1. Birth Certificate from the authorized authority.
2. Transfer certificate (T.C). This is compulsorily required for seeking admission in Std-II and onwards.
3. School has the right to add/ delete any conditions for a child for admission or retention.

St. Xavier's High School

Smart Class

ST.Xavier’s High School, Phulnakhara keeps pace with the latest technology and has implemented audio-visual medium in its classroom to ensure a better and qualitative teaching- learning process among the students. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students , thus improving their standards. Mexus”Smartclass” is a technology oriented programme for schools. It provides tools and contents for interactive learning process. It also enables teachers to teach efficiently with various examples.

«Our Achievers»

St. Xavier's High School

Chairman’s Message

It is our sacred duty to enlighten the young minds with systematic education and inculcate the social values so that they gain success and prove to be an asset to the nation as a whole. Empowered with knowledge a student will perform not only for the sake of performing but for a reason to do the performance thereof.

St. Xavier's High School

Advisor’s Message

everywhere. For this we must believe in ourself, in our inner strength and have confidence. ST. XAVIER’S HIGH SCHOOL proves to be the right platform to nurture and mould a child’s future with proper care and guidance and to bring out their inner potentials and talents which will make them prove themselves to be assets to the nation. As there is no substitute for knowledge gained from the very childhood, I wish this organization would enlighten the lives of students in the course of their advancement in career in every sphere.

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